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Lawn Care

When applied at the right time, this program will keep your lawn green and healthy, and will provide the best protection against weeds.



There are so many ways to use hardscape elements to enhance your property. Let us help you design something for you.



If the price of sod is a bit to pricey, we can offer hydroseeding which gives you many more benefits over traditional seeding to get better results.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you're building a new house, or simply making better use of the space you have, an outdoor kitchen is a great enhancement to your backyard space.

sod work

Sod Installation

Installing a sod lawn has many advantages over other lawn planting methods such as seeding, springing, plugging, etc.

snow plow removal

Snow Removal

Removing snow from parking lots and sidewalks is crucial since someone can take legal action against you if they slip outside your business.


Sprinkler Systems

An automated sprinkler system is the most efficient way to ensure your landscape gets just the right amount of water it needs at just the right time, hassle free.


Raised Beds

Raised beds provide you control over the health of the soil in which you are growing your plants.

Providing professional lawn care and landscaping services in an effort to help make Muskogee and the surrounding communities a beautiful place.